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Yang Shibin’s new series of paintings, from 2022, is on view in the group show “Initial appearance will Be Presented”, at GuTian Art Museum, West Lake District, Hangzhou. The exhibition runs through December 25, 2022.
“Through vehicles of canvas and paper, we are able to obtain a glimpse of artists' personal vision. The subject matter of paintings is the code of the artist's encounter with the surrounding world, whether it is a reflection of animals in a garden, a contemplation of images generated by techniques, or a close-up look of an amusement park's corner. The painterly language is conceptual, it is about the thick layers of paint, the concordance of lines with a painting knife, the microscopic composition of forms, or the free flow of brushstrokes.”
#YangShibin #ZIANGallery
Installation view, “Initial appearance will Be Presented,” GuTian Art Museum, West Lake District, Hangzhou, December 10, 2022. Artwork @ Yang Shibin. Photo: GuTian Art Museum

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