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Enrico Minguzzi

Enrico Minguzzi
​works and lives in Bagnacavallo, Italy

"A collection of specimens whose origin is challenging to identify, often resulting from a blending of distinct realms (vegetal, animal, marine, terrestrial, spatial...) that meld together to form new "species," deviations from the real world."

Enrico Minguzzi's artistic oeuvre presents a captivating array of specimens characterised with enigmatic origins, defying conventional classification of natural species. These specimens emerge from a fusion of disparate realms—vegetal, animal, marine, terrestrial, and spatial—resulting in the creation of novel "species". Minguzzi's exploration of the relationship between art and nature is deeply contemplative and critical, diverging from the traditional aesthetic concept of mimesis that has permeated Western art history since Ancient Greece. Instead, he delves into the complex interplay between humanity and the natural world.

Within Minguzzi's work, there is a profound examination of unnatural phenomena, which often manifest as deviations from the natural order, resembling uncontrolled growth or the proliferation of fractals. These expressions symbolise nature's inherent modes of self-preservation and self-sustaining patterns. Despite the apparent chaos and disorder, Minguzzi highlights nature's remarkable equilibrium, wherein its intricate beauty finds ultimate expression.

Minguzzi's preferred medium is oil painting, albeit with a departure from traditional techniques. Rather than painting on a standard neutral background, he opts for bold and distinctive monochromatic colours such as fluorescent yellow, pink, or gold. This unconventional approach fosters a dynamic interplay between contrasting surfaces. Initially, the canvas background, treated as an industrial paint, is entirely coated with a layer of oil paint. Subsequently, this layer is selectively removed through the use of solvents or mechanical manipulation, allowing the vibrant background colours to resurface and command attention within the composition. This nuanced interaction engenders a subtle dialogue between the surface oil painting and the underlying monochrome background—a "marriage of opposites" that creates a striking visual contrast.

 Minguzzi’s Solo exhibitions include: Animali Da Fiore, Pinacoteca San Francesco, San Marino, 2023; Flos, Altro Mondo Creative Space, Manila, 2023; La Piena Dell’occhio, Ex Convento di San Francesco, Bagnacavallo, 2022, and more. His notable site- specific projects include residences at Areacreativa42 (2019) and Museo Civico Luigi Varoli (2020), where the innovative cycle of "natura morta" originated. Minguzzi has garnered recognition through awards and special mentions, such as the DAMS Award curated by Renato Barilli and the National Arts Award. In 2022, he clinched the third prize of the VAF Foundation Artistic Prize, with his works subsequently becoming part of the VAF Stiftung Collection. Further acclaim came in 2023 when he was honoured with the Fondazione Coppola Prize for the Art Verona Icon Award.

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25 - 30 March, 2024

4pm - 1am

Fringe Club, 2 Lower  Albert Road, Hongkong

Supper Club is a new week-long event that is a hybrid between an art fair, a third space to gather, and a hub for engament with contemporary art.