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Francesco De Biasi

francesco de biasi zian gallery 2024_00.png
​works and lives in Venice, Italy

“Le forme paleolitiche eicodici cibernetici, indagati nel passato, si trasmutano ora in cristallizzazioni di colore. Frames di sensazioni e di memorie sbiadite, fuori fuoco, ormai perdute e nitidi pixel acrilici, sfaccettature di pietre preziose coesistono fra loro in sentieri ignoti che si fanno strada attraverso la stessa terra. Tramite il susseguirsi di moduli colorati, iltentativo di ricostruzione frattalica e illusoria rievoca i ricordi fanciulleschi di mondi allucinatori alla 'Magic Eye’.”
— Francesco De Biasi

Francesco di Biasi delves into the intricacies of memory, uncovering hidden patterns and repetitions that shape human existence. Each piece in this collection mirrors life's inherent unpredictability, capturing the perpetual flux of time through a symbiotic interplay of active symbolism and meditative introspection.

Through deliberate contemplation and meticulous layering, the artist encapsulates the essence of perpetual change within each created pattern. Emergent, structured forms evoke the evolving rhythms of nature while also evoking a sense of familiarity. The viewer is transported to an alternate realm, where time unfolds like a musical composition and memories serve as guiding beacons through the ceaseless process of becoming. The audience is encouraged to contemplate the delicate balance between stability and impermanence, repetition and evolution, offering insight into the beauty and fragility of human existence. Reflecting on the human condition, the artist invites engagement with the enigma of eternal transformation, inviting viewers to dance to the rhythm of memories through psychedelic illusions, alternative perceptions of reality, and exploration of the depths of the third dimension and beyond.

Francesco De Biasi's artistic endeavor delves into psychedelic experiences, universal patterns, memories, and optical illusions. Rooted in personal exploration and diverse influences, his visual project explores the human psyche and the mysteries of existence through an interdisciplinary journey intersecting music, rhythm, martial arts, calligraphy, meditation, and psychedelic visual experiences. Francesco's works serve as gateways to otherworldly realms, where vibrant colors blend and transform into kaleidoscopic patterns, illustrating the transformative potential of art and the boundless possibilities of creative expression. His vision continues to inspire and lead towards elevated consciousness through the universal language of visual art.

Francesco De Biasi graduated from the New Cambridge Institute with a scientific focus in 2012, began his career at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2018. His works have been successfully presented in contemporary art fairs Art Verona and Roma Arte in Nuvola.
PS: All works can be seen with an illusion of depth (similar to a 3D effect) via the cross- eyed stereoscopy technique or via stereoscopic lenses.

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