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Guoqiang Liu

​works and lives in Hangzhou, China

“My artistic philosophy revolves around the notion of effective expression devoid of personal emotions, aiming to create works that transcend individual subjectivity. I emphasise the importance of the artwork itself, prioritising its materiality and inherent properties as the primary language of expression. By focusing on the objective qualities of my work, I seek to achieve completeness and objectivity, distancing the art from personal narratives or emotional attachments.”

 — Liu Guoqiang

In his artistic practice, Guoqiang extracts, deconstructs, and purifies the transient aspects of space and time, aiming to stimulate viewers' senses and perceptions. Through the manipula- tion of ordinary concepts and life experiences, he amplifies the essence of existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the ever-changing nature of reality through visual and auditory stimuli.

Guoqiang's artworks embody a form of abstraction that transcends representational content, emphasising the temporal, spatial, and physical dimensions of movement and rhythm. Employ- ing geometric shapes and abstract lines, his works exude a primitive yet profound aesthetic appeal, encouraging viewers to engage with the pure essence of form and structure.