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Shibin Yang

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​works and lives in Hangzhou and Chongqing, China

"I hope to seek spiritual sublimity from the impoverishing of material expression, to unveil a visually invisible but spiritually existed reality behind the object image."

Yang Shibin was born in 1979 in Sichuan, China. He is a director of Zhejiang Artists Association and a member of the Chinese Artists Association, and currently works and lives in Chongqing and Hangzhou. Yang focuses on each individual figure in everyday life from a personal perspective in his works. Instead of presenting the reality, his rendering of themes goes beyond the subject of the painting to evoke the interality. Injecting his own artistic inspiration which flowered out in colour and texture, Yang’s paintings demonstrate the appeal of immaterial reality. ​

"We can feel the hidden hint of tension,threat and uneasein a dull expression,a dislocated gesture and a frozen lightin the picture.All this is caused by my special attention tothings,which turns my personal memory into anunexplainable and unbreakable emotion,into a metaphorand a symbol,as if I want to capture the eternal things in aflash,to read the mysterious nature of the world in theordinary objects.”

In the atmosphere of Yang Shibin's work,even floating dustnotes are put to a still.The viewer is intimately reconnected with all that is forgotten and abandoned.Muted tone ofgrey and brown,like cracked earth or arid air,give hissubjects a concrete sense of immateriality.One feels theyhave stumbled upon the icon of a Byzantine cave or adesert chapel,discovering each detail of the artist's "quietand thin"brush strokes in solitary contemplation.Recentseries',such as Figure,Face,and Still Life,seek "thespiritual sublime from this barrenness of materialexpression,to express a kind of reality behind the objectsthat is not visible visually but exists with spirituality,tomake this rustic painting language form a visualconnection with the simple spirit,to seek a spiritualsublime and to convey a quiet power"

Yang Shibin’s works have been featured in The  7th National Art Exhibition, Hangzhou, 2022; The 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, China, Beijing, 2021; The 5th Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Chongqing, 2021. His works are in the collections of National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing; Nart Museum, Zhejiang; and Yongzhou Art Museum, Hunan.