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The Gallery

Established in Hanqzhou, China in 2022 and quickly expanded its activities to New York, ZIAN Gallery is a global gallery specialising in modern and contemporary art. Working with a wide range of distinguished contemporary artists, ZIAN is dedicated to discovering, exploring and promoting art that has an inclination on dynamic, vigorous and energetic gesture, and to fotering the career of enerqing and mid-career artists in global context. ZIAN focuseson the spontaneous and intuitive nature of life in art that demonstrates the emotions and psyches of individual life experience through the expression of form, media and subject. Since its inception, the gallery has been exploring and nurturing singular and innovative works of art across genres and media in the context of contemporary states of being.


Designed by German architect Andreas Ruhland, with interior space designed by Debelle de Montby, the gallery is a four-story complex that includes galleries and an independent sculpture garden to display and host larqe-scale publicsculptures and proiects. The flexible and open exhibition environment allows the works to break through the limitations of space, interact and communicate with the site and the audience to a greater extent, and present a new experience of viewing exhibitions.

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